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Cost Effective Expert Translation Services Plus Copy Editing for Guaranteed Top Quality

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Translating Services Plus


Thank you for visiting the Translating Services Plus website. We are a translation services agency which fills a unique gap in the translation services industry, in that we are able to supply our clients with the highest quality translation of other languages into English, without having to charge our clients the large sums of money that our competitors charge.

We are a genuine online business, in the sense that we do not physically have office space. Neither do we commute, invest in travelling, pay rent on business premises or business rates. We do not have to pay any of the costs that physical businesses have to pay. So similarly, we have no such costs or overheads to pass onto our clients, as our competitors are obliged to do. Therefore we are in the happy position of being able to provide our clients with top quality work at less than the cost that our competitors charge.

Contact us by email at


Why Translating Services Plus?

The plus is because we provide more than just translating services. All work which we supply to clients goes through - after the translation process - an additional proofreading and copy-editing process to ensure your guarantee of the highest quality. We believe that content must be the best that people can achieve and that people will respect you if the content they read is of the highest possible quality. Indeed, the obverse is true of the opposite: the people who will eventually read your content - your clients and potential clients alike - will not take you seriously if there are grammatical or semantic slips in what they read.

Another great difference which places us apart from other translation services is that we only translate from other languages to English, and not the other way round. We never translate from English to other languages. The reason for this is that we believe that by only translating one way we will be ensuring better quality control from our select team of translators; and, of course, we will be able to provide our constant high quality when the English translation is subject to our unique built-in proofreading and copy-editing procedures. Everything we do is geared to quality and to supplying you, our clients, with content you can be proud to show as your own.


Languages For Translating to English

At present we translate content from several foreign languages into English. These are:

  • Translate Italian to English
  • Translate Spanish to English
  • Translate German to English
  • Translate Polish to English
  • Translate French to English
  • Translate Romanian to English
  • Translate Dutch to English
  • Translate Danish to English
  • Translate Hungarian to English
  • Translate Portuguese to English
  • Translate Swedish to English
  • Translate Slovak to English
  • Translate Serbian to English
  • Translate Slovenian to English

If you wish to translate a language into English which is not listed above then please send us an email at

We have a policy of only using professional translators whose mother tongue is the source language being translated into English, and we also require a high standard of experience and proficiency. In situations where the translation project is of a specialist nature (see below) we can draw up individual translators who specialise in this type of translation work and/or have experience and knowledge of the specific industry sector being addressed.


Costs of Translating Services to English

Unlike many other translation services we do not hide our costs away on an inner page somewhere. Some translation services don't publish their costs on their website at all but instead lure their clients in once they have their email address. Our service and costs are fully transparent and we charge $0.13.5 per word for content to be translated into English (that's £0.10 in Pounds Sterling and € 0.12.2 in Euros at the time of writing). There are no minimum charges, add-on fees or extras to be paid for. Currency fluctuations will occur and prices are accurate at the time of writing. EU customers will be charged VAT at the prevailing rate.

That's it!


Terms of Business

Our terms of business are cash with order. Payment can be made through Paypal. If you do not have a Paypal account go to Please select your currency of choice when paying. If you'd like to ask us something first then please send us an email to and we will respond as soon as we can.


Formatting of Source Language Content

We accept languages in all formats, but we recommend that you send your original content as a Word document. However, if the source language has special characters such as accents, etc., then we recommend sending it to us as a PDF, which is less prone to corruption than formats such as text, RTF or Microsoft Word. We will supply you with the translation in any format you wish, but of course we recommend MS Word or PDF for the same reason. If you like we can send you the translation in PDF and any other format of your choice.


How To Send Us Your Content To Be Translated Into English

Please firstly read our Terms of Service. We have both a legalise version and a plain English version, in case of doubt! By sending your content to us for translation into English you agree to our Terms of Service. Then count the number of words in the document to be translated and make a payment to our Paypal email at then immediately send us the document you want us to translate.

The best way to send us your content is as an attachment, preferably as a Microsoft Word document or as a PDF (see above) to our service email address below:

We will send you an email back immediately to confirm safe receipt. Please not that it may take us up to a few hours to respond (depending on where you are located in the world) if we need to contact you for any reason.

Please also take a look at out Proofreading for Marketers service.






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